June 19, 2024
When building a hotel, why should you purchase a double wall fuel tank?

When building a hotel, why should you purchase a double wall fuel tank?

Building a hotel requires a lot of equipment, including drilling equipment, mixers, light towers, and other appliances. Fuel tanks are also essential, and you can choose one with a single wall or one with a double wall. These tanks are useful for storing hazardous liquids, such as petrol, gasoline, or diesel. They can also be used to safely transport flammable liquids to construction sites.

The difference between single-wall and double-wall fuel tanks

In contrast to double-wall fuel tanks, single-wall tanks have a single shell for storing fuel, whereas double-wall tanks feature an inner shell. A containment is required for all fuel tanks so that they do not leak. The external bundling has to be built on-site for a single wall tank.

In addition to being cost-effective, single-walled tanks require less construction materials and are space-efficient. Compared with double-walled fuel tanks, single-walled tanks are also easier to maintain.

An interstitial space between two walls of a double wall tank provides secondary containment. As a result, no additional containment is needed to prevent leaks on site. This is why a double-walled tank is known as a bunded tank. It is safer and suitable for storing a variety of fuels.

The benefits of a double-walled fuel tank

Leak monitoring

With double walled tanks, leaks can easily be detected. The outer wall serves as a secondary containment layer that can detect leaks before they reach the environment.

Protection of the environment

With double-walled fuel tanks, spills and leaks are prevented from entering the soil, groundwater, or water bodies. The secondary containment helps prevent contamination of the environment.

Compliance with regulations

In certain applications, double-walled tanks are required by environmental regulations and industry standards, which allow businesses to avoid legal issues and fines associated with environmental violations.

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Safety is enhanced

By containing potential leaks, double-walled tanks offer additional safety. They minimize fire and explosion risks. As a result of the tanks, fuel vapor is less likely to escape into the air, which can be dangerous if your hotel is located near housing structures.


Compared to single-walled tanks, double-walled tanks are highly durable, corrosion-resistant, and have a longer lifespan.

Corrosion risk is reduced

Corrosion is a common issue with metal tanks. However, double-walled tanks protect them from external elements that may cause corrosion. Tanks with double walls are available in many configurations and materials, making them suitable for a variety of fuels and applications.

Having peace of mind

Instilling confidence in construction workers’ safety and environmental responsibility by knowing there is an additional layer of protection against leaks and spills provides peace of mind.

Hotel construction projects benefit greatly from double-walled fuel tanks. But choosing a high-quality tank is essential to ensure its effectiveness. Regular inspection and compliance with industry regulations are also crucial. Enjoy improved efficiency and durability with a high-quality fuel tank!

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